My Lizzie!

She not only is raising two of the grooviest chicks I know by herself, she always has time and energy not to mention the willingness to help anyone who needs it.

Some days I worry that she is spreading herself too thin and then I fall asleep thinking about it from my not even close to as busy day, lol.
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2 Responses Apr 22, 2011

Always thinking and caring for everyone else. She's got a heart of Gold!

Awwww, thanks, baby!!! It's nice to have my efforts and busy llittle life aknowledged, truly. The time and energy I really don't always have ( though I make and muster!!), but the willingness is never - ending, to be sure. I try not to spread myself so thin that I disappear (lol), but I needn't fret, for I always have you around to balance me out and remind me to sleep! And I will continue to be here to remind you to do the same, though I know you won't always heed my warning! Thanks again, Tim, for all you are and do! I love you.