Mrcp Ii Made Easy

The author of MRCP II MADE EASY  also wrote CARDIOLOGY, A SOCRATIC APPROACH. This book has changed my life in many ways as it portrays life for an American who has never left Boston. It is a litany of ( case studies ) tales of real people with ilnesses and the frailties of human life in the various parts of the world interlaced with medical facts which makes it like a series of House MD. It is a novel written in the style of Critchton , Robin Cook and Frank Herbert but based on truism. I was impressed with his description of the discussion of the Dalai lama with Carl Sagan and now that we have the M theory, common sense is indeed very uncommon. As Socrates believed in reincarnation and never claimed to have taught but be the midwife of realisation and knowledge before philosophy became so abstract and abstruse, this book opened my eyes to the dangers of the world. The birth of the emerging epidemic of Dengue, H1N1( which has genetic recombination of ape, man and birds ), our narrrow escape from the Spanish Flu, HIV, Jacob Creutzfeld Disease in a man taking unsterilised pituitary cadaveric growht hormones, Genetically modified lifeforms and the McClintock concept of the jumping gene as well as Prion dieseas ( which is junk in the brain with no genetic material ). I now understand why our government has ceased the next step to gene testing. Like Oppenheimer at Trinity  , we may be opening a pandora's box of uncertainty and the gain may be detrimental. . This is a wise decision and in such chaotic times of uncertainty we are fortunate to have compassionate intelligent leaders such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Perhaps she had a point in trying to alter the way the healthcare is delivered an a socratic dialoge should begin with our members. The novel is written for the layman and the professionals alike and my husband and 2 kids love it. Good luck. Sapiens Qui Prospiciter.
kayhalloway kayhalloway
Sep 13, 2010