I was eating lunch the other day in a restaurant in London and my attention was drawn to a group of people at a corner table.  They were obviously engaged in a business meeting and it appeared clear that the two women were trying to sell an idea to the young American sitting with them.  I could vaguely make out that they were talking about Apps ... but nothing in any detail. 

Shortly they were joined by another young guy who quickly joined in with the conversation and this continued for some time.

I looked out of the window and watched the world go by, thinking to myself how busy London always is, non-stop activity.  As I watched, a tall, young, blonde woman (probably in her late twenties or possibly early thirties) stopped outside the restaurant window and stood talking to another young woman for some minutes.  What was striking about the blonde, was that she wore hardly any make up (if any at all), her short blonde hair was cut in a simple, chic shape and she was dressed in really unremarkable clothes - a black tee shirt and jeans, but she looked stunning.  There was something about her face which I found really interesting.  Anyway, she finished her conversation with the person outside and I watched as she came into the restaurant. 

She approached the corner table, where the App meeting was continuing and, as she did so, the two men stood up and introduced her to the two women who were obviously pitching their ideas. 

I watched with interest as all eyes at the table turned to the blonde, who was obviously in control of the whole scene.  She sat back and listened to what the others had to say, nodding and taking it all in.  Then it was her turn to speak.  Her body language was of someone who was used to being listened to and very much in command. 

But what impressed me most of all, was the lack of apparent pretension about her.  She seemed so natural and attractive.  The way she seemed to be handling the negotations with the others was quite impressive, from my vantage point anyway. 

She looked like someone I'd like to know and I was very intrigued by her and wanted to learn more.  But it wasn't going to be possible as I had to leave to catch a flight and I missed the closing farewells of their meeting.

It struck me as fascinating how we can be attracted to someone and I can still visualise exactly what she looked like and her mannerisms. 

Most interesting.
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Your writing has the equivalent effect to the woman's appearance.

Stimulating story and experience. Provocative thought.

That is the kind of self esteem and confidence that we all desire to attain in our out lives, find someone like her and ask them to be your mentor and teach you what they have learned, she will probably be thrilled to be asked and will give you the tools to become like the blonde woman that you so admired, just see her as your ideal, powerful, but not arrogant,
Ad very much in control naturally. Good luck in becoming a very strong but compassionate woman. Darlingrose

I understand what you are saying. I participate in a lot of meetings and talks each year and there are only a handful of people who make such a lasting impression. They are usually very successful and fun to get to know.

yes, it's pretty rare I think. thank you for commenting.

Some people just seem to have a natural sort of charisma about them. My attention has been drawn to folks like that a few times. It always makes me want to talk to the person too!!

Yes, it's interesting how that works isn't it?

I have seen that most times natural is the best and also brings out the beauty in a person. Intriguing people are that way.

Yes, natural is best Josie.

I know people like this, both male and female. The attractive ones are intriguing. The less attractive ones will catch you off guard. <br />
<br />
Sexy is on the inside.

Definitely true Pennonymous ... she looked like the sort of person who could command any man's attention without even trying at all. She certainly caught mine anyway.