I Am A Young Man Who Honors The Strong Women In My Life

My sister set the example for me, in spite of the abuse she used to suffer from my dad that I had to watch while growing up--the psychological insults, the outright degradation of her and all whom he thought were beneath him who embraced the feminine. My dad was the weak person, afraid of his own feminine side, who cowardly preyed on his family with anger, contempt, utter disrespect, invading our boundaries constantly with no regard for anyone's opinion but his own. Through the suffering and propaganda intended to make her think less of herself, though, and in spite of it, my sister has survived to be the strongest and most free and open-minded and loving people I know. We are best friends, and make art together. She's now raising a child on her own, and refusing to be controlled by a selfish and manipulative ex. She's independent, and going for the gold in life. She inspires me, and together we're going to conquer the world.
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31-35, M
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a woman to be admired and looked up upon

We need men as brave and open minded as you are. I am a man ( I hate saying that) who emulates women. I want very much to be womanly and feminine. These are wonderful human aspects and should be encouraged and strengthened, especially in women.