my maternal great grandmother...

GrandMa Hattie was born the first woman to be born in my family outside of slavery.  From what i hear of her, she was a fascinating woman. 

After her mom died in North Carolina, Hattie left her brothers and sisters and moved to Virginia.  She started a farm and it grew fast.  She had farmland that spread for miles and miles. 

This woman had a husband named John.  She stopped liking him for some reason, no one really knows, or the elders are hiding the reason.  She put him off of their farm and made it even larger than it was at first.  Obviously, he was holding her back. 

She was a stern woman.  Very stubborn and highly demanding.  She expected those around her to work hard and to do good.  This woman was so strong-willed.  There is this story of her taming this wild mustang that no man could tame.  After it knocked one of her big and tall sons over, she simply walked up to it, grabbed it's reigns and controlled this wild horse.  This little lady.  Folk said she was really really spiritual.  She went to church faithfully and abided by the Bible.  She didn't drink.  Didn't smoke.  Wore dresses everywhere even to work on the farm.  Employed folks.  She was the first person in her community to actually own a car. 

Back in those times when whites and blacks didn't get along, those white folk in her community respected her.  They called her ma'am and not girl.  She didn't go through the back doors either.  GrandMa Hattie commanded respect everywhere she went.  She was just that way.  She was a leader in every since of the word.  She lead in church, she lead in her household - with and without a husband.  lol.  And was a leader in her community.

I think about her a lot.  I wish she had lived long enough to see me.  I wonder what would she think of me and what could she teach me if she were alive.  I greatly admire this woman.  And am proud that i come from her. 

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That's a great experience. We all need people to look up to, and be proud of.

It was amazing what the older people were like back in the older years.<br />
I admire them. <br />
Thank you for write that .<br />
help me lot .<br />
i am a shut in and can not get out and that help me lot to think. <br />
Thank you.<br />
<br />

What a great story...she sounds like a fascinating woman we could all learn something from!! :)