OK, If I Am In ...

OK, IF i am in the minority here, it's in my opinion that some people just do not like to state that they admire Oprah Winfrey almost DESPITE the fact that ALMOST everyone knows at least one entire set of lyrics, they would HATE to admit that they knew the words to a Barry Manilow song ..... BUT come on everybody * At the Copa, Copacabana ..... * hehe

YOU all know how to fill in that blank ;)

Even if you dislike Oprah, and being a HUGE fan of hers, i can not for the life of me understand why you wouldn't like her, you almost even DESPITE yourself (haha) MUST be proud of the amazing work she does, OFTEN behind the scenes, for SO many people. Now i know she got a lot of heat for building her school in Africa, BUT Sheesh, it's not like she doesn't DO more than her own fair share for the children and adults of the United States.

Her Dream Network .... has been OUTSTANDING, and when you donate to her, you SEE where the money goes!! We saw the street that her non-profit organization built in Orlando, yes with the help of others, BUT on another topic, SHE pays directly from her pocket, her very OWN money, to anyone who helps put the pedophiles in jail.

NOTHING stops this women, I feel like she is an angel given to all of us from God (please insert your own word there).

I couldn't even begin to count the number of SELFLESS acts she has done both with her money and her spirit to the lives of NOT only Americans BUT to people around the world. She is currently fighting for a one strike your out bill for people who sexually abuse children. LORD, i wish we had an Oprah in Canada .... READ MY BLOG, lol.

YOU, personally might not like her, but damn if you can't respect her in this particular time and age, I ask you, who do you respect? AND don't get in a tizzy, there are many other people i respect as well, BUT OPRAH RULES!!  hmmmm me thinks i need my own show;)

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I have met Oprah,Hillary Clinton and some others.Until you are in there shoes I don't think that they should be but under a microscope. What if you had a camera and paparazzi following around every second of the day it would be hard to even function.Oprah has done tons of random acts of kindness and has helped alot of people in this world.Look at Spears and other's you can call them *scarlets* to have that kind of attention on you all the time is very difficult people commit suicide because they can't deal with the pressure with her drugs and children being taken away.These people give 100% of themselves alot of the time and work hard everyday.If I was working that hard I would hope that I would get something in return.My cousin is a top model and the things that I see on the net about her bother me. I can just imagine the pressure.

I think we need to start a write in campaign - Oprah for President. She is the one who started the "giving" scene and as far as I'm concerned - she's tops.


All I can say is, AlwaysRemembers I think you did very well responding to Jam's response, I think I could feel your heat from here.. :P<br />
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Oprah is a God send, even if she donated 0.01% of her wealth, the awareness she has brought to issues, and time devoted to helping others is something many of us can only dream about

I'm curious on how you came across the number .09% of her net worth, i plan to check that number out as i believe it is much higher than that. <br />
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I do not place her in the*starlet* category as i use that term for people like Lindsey Lohan (sp?) and Paris Hilton. <br />
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Have you actually followed her career, because I have, so I am curious if you infact have. Oprah actually OFTEN brings the so called faceless people onto her show, not to exploit them but to encourage them to continue their fight and to let others see what they have done to benefit society. <br />
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I too, totally admire the people who have fought throughout the ages so that i can enjoy my life as best as possible, they ar NOT fallen heroes, they are infact people who should be honoured, and Oprah does that as well. <br />
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Someone has to have a television show, so i would rather it be someone like Oprah, who does not care just to benefit her persona, but has used her program to help the so called *average* people to better their life circumstances. Give me Oprah any day over some of the other pathetic *celebrities* who have television programs that essentially promote and use people's misfortunes for ratings while essentially giving zip back to society.<br />
I don't know what percentage of many celebrities *net* income that is used to benefit others but i will look into it. But the question asked on EP had to do with Oprah, so that is why i wrote about her. <br />
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Really what on earth have *others* actual deeds done buy some other talk show hosts? Jerry Springer pops into my mind but i don't see him trying to BETTER a community. I also admire the philanthropic works of Bono and Elton John. Celebrity has many *perks* but Oprah actually chose the high ground on her show, when everyone was receiving great ratings for *whose your baby's Daddy?*, DNA anyone? And if you think she is actually ego centric, than i bet you have not watched many of her programs, infact she is quite the opposite. She often states, that the ONLY difference between her and anyone else, (money aside) is that more people know her name and that is about it. How is that ego-centric?<br />
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I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one, but i will look into the causes and money that she herself donates BOTH in the public eye and VERY often behind the scenes.

I am certainly in no "Tizzy" over this.<br />
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To me she is just another celeb prancing around. Donating .09 percent of your net worth is not considered in my book as being impressive.<br />
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Something she is successful at is self promoting. Like most ego centered starlets she can bring crowds to any event. This is why the the non profits are successful because she can bring light to them not because she has conributed to them.<br />
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I understand where you are coming from though she is a very good tool. There many people fighting for childrends rights. Like the thousands of people who have lost a child to a predator. Their faces will never be seen or their fight never broadcasted because they are not oprah. This takes allot away from the average person.<br />
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It's basiclly saying it useless to fight the system unless your Oprah. But since you brought it up. My admiration would be better spent on the men and women who through out the ages have givin their life so I can live mine. And they never had a television show.<br />
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Who's Barry Manilow? :)