It's Not Really Huma...

 It's not really humanitarian, there are about 500,000 children on this planet that are going to die within the next 2 weeks.  US takes up 10% of land mass and uses up 34% of world resources
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Perspective! It makes a difference.

Me too. Did you ever see what they did to the moon in the movie, 'Time Machine' with Guy Pearce? For the most part, Man has had good intentions with the environment, but the trouble is our modification of the things we use, to the point of not knowing what how to dispose of them afterward. Before industry, everything we did came from the earth and went back into the earth in the same state. In taming our resources, we've removed ourselves from them, so that now we have to go camping in order to reconnect. But we still sleep in beds off the ground.<br />
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I think I was born a couple hundred years too late...

There is so much sadness in this world. I do think it is changing though. Our mass consciousness is changing. I hope it's not too late.