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I Have A List Of Women I Admire On E.p.

Fungirlmmm( She has a caring and kind heart)

Whateverrr(A fun and interesting person.You are not boring)

Kittenhasawhip(She is very smart and awesome lady)

Little Lena (Nice and kind)

welshbabe( A lively person)

Mrs.Lalacakes ( You are very creative.)

Snowbunny ( You are a powerful and Strong)

Of course other women I who haven't mention. Sorry. All of you are wonderful, powerful, independent, beautiful, smart, sexy, alluring, lovely, great personalities. Just be yourselves. That all we can be.
mother1983 mother1983 31-35, F 12 Responses Mar 14, 2011

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You are welcome

Awwwww!!! an awinspiring list and a wonderful, beautiful, tribute to!, :-) And yes your right! there are a lot more, women on Ep that we admire!!, that you have not mentioned!! I, am honoured to recieve such a place on your friends list!! thank you!, your name shall be there to!! you are a "beaut" my, darling young friend! i thank you!!!! :-)

awww. thanks..

Great list, you are such a sweet woman. God bless you! :-D


Thanks miss. You are lovely too.

Oh SM! You're the sweetest!! =)<br />
We all love you and admire you too =)


Thanks puck.

Those are some jewels you mentioned, and you're right. There are a whole lot more.

Thanks for the comments friends.