A Stroke of Luck

Twain's remarkable boyhood character Tom Sawyer was my
first introduction with the writer.
Carefree, barefoot and adventurous he had the gift of the gab outwitting
others,  and this image (which will appear shortly) humorously captures
Tom's ability at subtle manipulation.
A punishment of painting the face is satisfyingly meted out to him
by Polly. Oh, dear what will he be doing this weekend?
All work and no play?                                   As usual
Tom  has a STROKE of good luck  and cheerfully skips
away abandoning post for some more exciting adventures.
What a scandal no wonder they named it WHITEGATE.

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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

if tom is a better read than harry then despite polls he is a worthy winner. JR. mentions Twain<br />
and H. has the essence of Tom i can't help but perceive it yes, Harry is a wiz kid but<br />
down to earth young politican Tom wins my heart...<br />
Twain's Adventures of Tom Sawyer & co. continue add him to ur reread list<br />
and Twain is the equivalent of Dickens.