You have put up with alot of **** from me and haven't turned your back yet. I still have the story but my printer is MIA. So no reading in the tub. *sighs* You've grown so much and become a very strong young man and I admire you for that. Your talent always amazes me and your own brand of humour always tickles my fancy. Mwah!!
luckypickle luckypickle
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But of course! He's the pimp! Muahaha.

hahahh.. you just have to put "P" on the title didn't you.. lol.. ..the word made my day.. thank you :D ..i like it.. <br />
<br />
on topic.. i saw quite a few of his comments and i must say they're all pretty calm in my opinion.. ..as opposed to his username.. and i mean that in a good way.. ^ᴥ^

*grins and hugs tight*

its imp brand baby lol<br />
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thanks for the story Pickley *hugs* means alot coming from you my dear :)