I Admire Sarahat90

I admire SARAHAT90...never met anyone quite like her...we both joined EP in the same week and commented on each others stories and it was like a missing chain link that i had been looking for..miles apart but yet so much alike...same thoughts and dreams...but yet different enough that we add to each other...i know ive said some of these words before but she is ..always out thinking and challenging me to think..i love her for that... i know deep inside that really all ive ever wanted was someone to care more than a shallow way..like really care.not shallow water care..but dive right in the deep and fight off the sharks kind of care...well now it makes sense that i found my mermaid...charmer of the bee's must be charmer of the sharks to...cause she takes on deep **** with me and fights thru anything i try to hide..darkness of a deep ocean doesnt scare her off.....the Jaws of sins doesnt even stand a chance.A woman that special that can breathe in deep dark cold water..U hold on to....she is one hell of a woman..she really is...and im happy oh so happy she let me into her .life.
She is such a interesting person to me...the way she thinks about stuff like me..the care she puts behind childern and in others.the little facts she knows...the crafty ideas she has.creativity that challenges mine...how she really doesn't think shes british posh pretty but really she is a beautiful english rose..the feisiness in that mermaid like theres another animal inside... ..the determnation that boils in her ...how she has overcomed huge obstacles that crack most people....how she always wants things organized....how she speaks of love thru her heart not her mouth... that part of the heart most people never open..the way she wiggles at frogs cause she thinks they are so scary..lol...well then theres littles...the little blinks i see her do..the hair tucks..how she has cold hands..the little moles on her boobs..the texture of her eyebrowes..the way her lips kiss.the way she has this woman breath..and two sides of her tongue feel different...the way u taste omg the way u taste....gosh i just get lost when i start with any of that stuff...and im trying to not be a dirty sailor...lol...from the first time i met her ..the whole messages about how her husband left her and she was missing a party and mad and he was a *** oops I mean *arse* as the british say....she was that cliche of a how they say a fresh breath of air... trigued me to know more about her..she was funny like ellen as i often call her...the first talk we had was the funnest thing i had done in ages....then when i rambled on she let me..and she listend...like listened like no one ever had..but also when I would write she wrote back just as much..had just as much to say as to listenn...i started getting addicted to know more about her ...Then how i felt when i didnt hear back right away..was like whoa what is this to me...here i am addicted to this personality of this girl i dont even know what she looks like...that is clear across a ocean...we just kept climbing up in levels of discovering each other more...i fell for her before i even knew what she looked like..hoping i wasnt speaking to some man..lol.....then my heart skipped when i did get to see her the first time..i thought theres no way this chicks gotta have a hump as we both say about each other..to good to be true...lol..no really i thought once she knows me she wont want this small town girl..shes been around the world so many more people in that ocean..in shallower areas..closer and easier to get to by her...
.But she kept plugging away at me...and i learned just as much about her to...she always points out she knows me better than i think..that i'm not as smooth as that polished rock i think i am..she dont slide off it.. but really i can tell she see's thru it and doesnt sit on it....and that its cause she has this soul that doesnt just slide thru things..you can tell its to smart for fritchen......and then theres the sweetheart part ..the things this girl does are unreal..ive gotten some kind of love little every month almost in the post since ive met her ..her heart is so sweet so much that it worsens my cavities...but i also see a girl behind it thats had pain in her and is full force at repairing it...that puts on the sweetness to others just to show that she can love still..when just as much as me really just wants to be loved...we both tried to deal with it in our own ways..but on the same track before we even met each other...building each other in our minds as we went along..im glad we did..and the timing was right on ..same week in june...no other time would have worked the same i think..im glad its happened the way it has.we have turned the past year into something people write about in books...make movies about...i was drowning in that ocean..she saved me at the right time..last gulp of air i was on..she has given me light..given me my other wing i was looking for..warmed my heart with how she cares...she wakes everynight at midnight her time to text me she loves me...even if she just went to bed 10 minutes before that..and i tell her NOT to..she still cant help but do it..and i hope she knows those littles like that..mean the weight of the world in gold to me...the everyday no matter what..i get a good morning beautiful..i get goodnight that has meaning behind it..a goodnight that i can feel has this love behind it that is like is protecting me in my dreams till i wake..and because of the ocean and distance at the moment..we sleep with each other on skype everynight..dont miss a night..the time difference trys to get in the way..but she has made our own time zone..she wakes to sleep with me when i lay down my head..knowing shes far away disappears when we sleep together..it feels like she is right there...and all she ever asks for is the next time she comes back to me..that i get to stay and sleep all night with her and let her tickle me awake..the nights we had when she was here..no other person could ever compare...she really is amazing..and she doesnt think it...lol..just says I'm just me...i love that just me girl...i truely adore her with that unfound corner of my heart that she discovered..fought off sharks to find....I admire SARAHAT90 for being just who she is..a caring..smart..creative..sweet...esentric..magnetic.funny.determined..driven..talented...clever..smooth..loving beakless girl...from which i could write on and on about.....but i will stop for now..lol...she is something else that girl...i know now i rubbed my clover tattoo and wished just right that day i met her....
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lol....wow wow wow wow geez im good lmao...wow im smiling big at that sweetheart but really I AM JUST ME...i love you like buzz lightyear...to the ends of the earth..your worth more to me than all the money diamonds and gold in the world...id do anything for you, you know that...Im a straight talker and will fight through any of those dark shadows you may have and i'll crash through any walls you ever want to put up...but hun i will not argue and i will not let you go to bed with a frown upon your face.....muah i adore you...xxxxxxx