Beautiful People

Extraordinary are those who refuse to yield to their troubles. They strive against all odds, against the doubt of so many. They have been told they won't survive, yet they will stand their ground in any circumstance. They have been wounded, time and time again, they continue, ignoring the pain. They cannot afford to admit to defeat, maybe they strive for an Idea, or a loved one, or simply for the sake of themselves. Perhaps no one knows why but it is evident that the reason is of great importance.
They are an inspiration to those who do not have the strength to fight any longer, they bring people into rememberance of what a strong heart should be.They carry more weight than they ought and when they reach the breaking point of which few have ever been, they push forward even harder without hesitation. They quietly fight battles that no one knows about , this is their unspoken honor. My admiration is to you all. You uplift and fill me with joy. I would like to dedicate this to whom it applies. I don't even neccesarily have to encourage you because with or without my aknowledgement I know you have set your desire on what is in your heart, you will win your fight.
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3 Responses Feb 7, 2013

Thank you for such an extremely touching, inspirational and well written story. I know that you will win your fight too because yours is a truly noble soul :)

Thank you, may the lord keep you in all that you do. :-)

My thanks, I hope you have a good day. :-)

Great story