Love Unique Individuals

I love meeting unique and unusual people. Someone who marches to the beat of their own drum. People like that tend to bring fresh insight and unique perspectives to things and make life more interesting and fun for those around them.
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I could not agree more!

Uniqueness and creativity come at a price. Not fitting in can be an isolating experience

Duly noted but outcasts like me find other outcasts and in the end create much stronger bonds then "herd-people" generally can even fathom. The ability to not become brainwashed by society has it's downside but I feel I'd far outweighed by the good. Myself personally would be miserable if I had to conform to societal standards like another sheep in the herd!

If everyone was the same what a boring world this would be. It is uniqueness that makes us who we are.

I just came across this post... Admire is a great word choice as it takes some balls to be unique in a world filled with a great deal of noise...unique not being scary lol

I would give this post a thumbs up but who would see it! Lol

Where do you guys live? Likes? Dislikes?

I'm new on here, so how does this work ? How is everyone ?

I do too :)

There is nothing more interesting than a unique individual being themselves. I read a quote I think I posted here on EP a while ago by a Rabbi who basically said - When I get to heaven God won't ask me why I wasn't Moses, He will ask me why I wasn't Rabbi SO and SO.

Sorry it is late or I would find the quote and insert it correctly. I am being me and not going to bed when I should - I think that was 3 hours ago.

They are very interesting to talk to, and its interesting to learn about what its like in other parts of the world , different cultures

One should also find the beat in their own minds and share it with the world. I also think it takes a special eye to pick out the subtle uniqueness in people walking through your everyday life.

There is nothing more appealing about a person than their quirkiness. A character is only defined by a persons unique qualities.

Yes, it's true!