The Unusual

Most Intelligent people are unusual, for instance Einstein wore women's high heels, not because he was gay but that they were shoes. So he wore them. Majority of famous painters were all very strange people, example would be Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Dali. Beethoven was deaf and Bipolar. Alot of smart people are strange. And there is nothing wrong with that.
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but not all get so well known:( they all are little unknown people, who no one attention, in the society...

My theory is this: many of societies rules tend to be illogical and often cause stagnation or unhappiness because of it (what to wear, what to eat, how to speak, etc.). The higher a person's IQ the easier it is for them to be aware of the lack of logic in certain areas and they, therefore feel justified in going against such illogical practices. "If what I want to do harms no one, and makes me feel good, comfortable, happy, etc., why then should I not do it simply because others disapprove?" Did I mention they typically don't worry about 'fitting in' (beyond the awkward years of high school that is)? ...

As I have just turned 22, I've been quite struggling with how to find my own, unique life. And people have told me, quite endearingly, that I am unusual.

Yes. I'm like to wear pantyhose, just like it.

I have worn heels for many many years. I still wear womens shoes out today and I am 63 years old and a male

I happily admit to being "strange" Now I am older I don't really care what other people think.<br />
My friends accept me for who I am.

So, as I am quite odd then it stands to logic that I am quite smart... or is there a flaw in my reasoning somewhere... damn, I wish I could figure it out!<br />
Will my IQ rise in proportion to the items of clothing I wear that are appropriate to the opposite sex?

Yes, I'm agree yours .

ba<x>seball statistician Bill James once wrote about a theory he called "OQ" or "Oddness Quotient". His belief was, and I think rightly, that the higher ones IQ, the higher the OQ you are allowed to "get away with." I myself remember with both amusement and horror my experience in about 3rd grade. I was doing 4th grade and sometimes 5th grade work, and had already been skipped from 2nd to 3rd grade, despite changing schools almost every year, and sometimes multiple years. In this one school I got bored with things, and decided I was not going to walk down the halls any more, but whirl, or spin around as fast as I could, while walking. I did this for at least weeks, if not months, and I don't ever remember anything being said to me, because I was the smart kid.

I also wear high heels at home and panties all the time. Abnormal? No, just not ordinary.

Totally agree, people can be unusual and still live a fulfilling life. Proud to be unusual!

I completely agree with you!

So do I.