The Way To A Man's Heart
Ladies all I know I on this subject is that the way to a man's heart is not a linear path.
There are several pit stops along the way and no 2 maps are exactly the same.
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What are the pit stops ?

Oh--pit stops:

- necessary pauses like having to pee if you're on a road trip or tuning your partner if he has the audacity to tell you to have the salad while he inhales a loaded burger...think of a pit stop as 'a pause for the cause' or 'teachable moment.'

Never assume your partner should simply 'get things' about you--his perceptions run their own course.

Women in particular should not automatically take for granted being understood.

We women may think we wear our thoughts, principles and feelings on our sleeves.

We operate on highly intuitive levels and expect that what matters to us is blatantly obvious.

Not so.

I think in a relationship it is a sign of respect, care & compassion when our partners make observations about us rather than assumptions.

Relationships require our highly committed intellectual attention and adapted understanding otherwise they degenerate.

People are complex and open communication is an ongoing challenge and skill people must adhere to if they are going to succeed at attaining and sustaining a healthy happy partnership.

The pit stops are the gaps between the honeymoon period and the respective directions and individual objectives of each member of a couple.

Not everything in a relationship can be mutual.

Often we have to mutually agree to tolerate and accept the fact that 100% mutual alignment in any relationship, is simply not a realistic or healthy expectation.

Such utopian states do not exist.

Rather we must moderate ourselves to achieve a dynamic yet healthy & balanced relationship--which is where the work, compromise and understanding come into play.

In other words the 'pit stops'.

I hope this clarifies a vague term I used to allude to a pretty complex subject.

Good question.

Thanks for asking.



I'd have to say to get to my heart trust. Thats all I require.

Please explain your handle.

My ex lied to me for this long. That is why she's my ex.

Oh, I are a very sensitive man and you were betrayed. I am so sorry.

Thank you and I'm a hell of a lot wiser.

Wisdom comes with a price sometimes.

I changed my handle to found in spanish

You are Spanish. I have a friend from Chile. Where are you from?

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