Intellectuals floor me in the same way pretty guys capture other women. I would've happily been Professor Robert Reich's love slave---all 4'11" of him. It's one of my weaknesses; once I discover a person's interested in philosophy, physics, literature or advanced math, I'm immediately in awe---and a tad intimidated.
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Hmm, interesting. I would say I use to feel this way. But I have met some intellectual people with crappy personalities.
So then I realized there's no point in admiring them just for them being interested in those things.
I rather admire someone because of what's inside their heart.

Hello bijouxbroussard: I can enthusiastically relate to the elements of awe, fascination, attraction and yes even mini intimidation *giggles* towards brainy men :D. My former BF was doing his masters is Physics while teaching the undergrads. Presently, he is in all likelihood in the Doctorate program. It was not JUST that he was insanely smart, his inner self it shone like the sun; it radiated and pulsated incandescently and mesmerizingly , he was so passionate and HE WAS MAGNETIC... I was the *drunk* moth to his flame; I can't really explain it..I just know I will probably always love him...All of his family are braniacs: both parents are doctors and the elder brother , if I am recalling correctly, was completing his dissertation in computational biology, or something along those lines ..Anyhow, I found him/it very hot and hypnotic, and obviously, my BF had to dumb the physics aspect waaaay down for me LOL...For although I consider myself a geekette (ie I love Sci fi, fantasy genres, et cetera), my proclivity does is not lie in the spheres of mathematics or sciences. I am more of a creative, empathic and linguistic person. I like your expression *love slave* , it's adorable and accurate, and..yeah, I GET IT, and I dearly miss it !... Most men are just not like that, at least not the ones I have dated. PS: Thank you for nudging open my doors to memory lane... it was very cool to remember .. :) Luna.

Now that is of interest

Love slave ?

History is my thing, mathematics and physics are easy (no variables).I enjoy reading non-fiction , preferring to read reality rather than fantasy ... but I do like science fiction.

please explain.......advanced math....

Advanced mathematics involves the use of formulas and symbols , so instead of 1 + 1 = 2 you could have x + ( x × x) = y ... then you move up to tan, cos and pi - and all the other symbols on a scientific calculator. Hope that helped ☺

Chuckles ... not my intention, but I am flattered. I can thank my parents and upbringing for my education - Mum was a teacher and I grew up on a farm so not many distractions, and Dad had a huge library of reference books so I was always reading something.
Thanks for the compliment 😊

Hey, if you really want to swoon, how about this: every self-adjoint compact operator on a Hilbert space has a compete set of orthonormal eigenfunctions!

《 Chuckles 》 😆

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I'm not so sure about "unusual" people, but I certainly share your admiration for intellectuals. Identifying them is not always straightforward though. As a scientist, I work with highly educated individuals - many of whom have advanced degrees. The more I interact with some of them, however, the more I'm convinced that PhD stands for "pin head". Some of them do nothing but bloviate. It reminds me of a quote by Lord Chesterfield - "Wear your learning like your watch, in a private pocket; and do not pull it out and strike it merely to show that you have one.”

I'm the same way when it comes to women. Elizabeth Warren is infinitely sexier to me than Sarah Palin, and it's not just because I can't stand Palin's political views. In fact, I could actually go for a highly intelligent woman who happened to be on the conservative side. I even like it when a women seems to be smarter than I am about some things. Super smart = super sexy.

Haha. I share your bias to a great extent. I think liberals generally are smarter than conservatives. And as member of your circle, I appreciate your assessment of those of us in your circle :)

Well I already knew that about you. Can you take butch male with it? And don't you have a fellow, fine as you are?:-)