Does It Get You More Sex In The City?

Why does one want to be witty?
Is it not best to be busty and pretty?
Fulfilling skill and some fun in the arts
Posing and shaking those bare body parts
With fame and some shame and celebrity?

Why does one want to be witty?
Does it get you more sex in the city?
One can still be a geek
With all the attention they seek
And they don't have to be itty bitty

Being fit over wit can be hot
Flexing abs, picked up tabs and whatnot
But one day you'll retire
Likely wear a spare tire
While I'm still engaging in thought

Why does one want to be witty?
Let's get down to the real nitty gritty
I want more than mere looks to adore
And beauty alone is a bore and a chore
So, I'll spare you a long, drawn out ditty

One day I'll be an old bitty
With gray hair and a tired old kitty
But I'll still have my wits
While you're retrieving your t^ts
And we're all thinking "Gee what a pity"
imathinkin imathinkin
51-55, F
29 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Nice... you can have both, though.... I know some intelligent females with massive ****... it isn't a zero-sum game between intellect and attractiveness or physical fitness.

Nice job. Lol

Outstanding; what a talent.


Bravo!! what a great poem

Love it!


thank u :D

ROFL!!! I love the last stanza... ;but I'll still have my wits while you are retrieving your ****.'

Thanks. Is that how you found my post Sahira? By seeing where Lilt had been?

logical !!!

Thanks cabman....and dr<br />
<br />
Beauty is just a bonus.

Clever Girl

Yes I wrote this, to answer the mail I keep getting. :)

Haha...I am counting on that!!! Thanks for the comments.

Those without wit...eventually won't...or can't git...<br />
<br />
Nice poetic thoughts.....The power of a witty woman.....

Excellent - made me laugh! I needed that.

Thanks to all for such positive comments.

Awwwww lilt that's sooooo sweeeet

~~~standing and applauding~~~ NDD laughs with imathinking!<br />
That is a GREAT post!<br />
Thank you.

you ROCK!

I just can't help myself, Imathinkin. <br />
I've been hanging around EP for a long time. After awhile you get fed up with the drama and freak posts. Just about the time I feel like checking out...I read something like this. Then I am reminded of what drew me here in the first place. ....<br />
people like you.

I needed to read something like this today. Thank you.

Tell your friends...haha. Thx!

hehe...I had to read it again :-)



:D thank you

hahahaha!<br />
I love you witty women!!!!!!!!!!!!