I need people in my life who I can bounce off ... someone who can meet me head on with stupid jokes and puns (which I love).  I'm a mine of useless information and experience and I like to be able to relate to someone who can match me for my encyclopedic knowledge of general nonsense ... lol

I meet a lot of interesting people in my job.  My fellow teachers are usually well-travelled and have a lot of experience to relate.  They have varied interests too - musicians, writers and mostly avid readers ...

But I genuinely do love people of experience ... experience of travel and of life generally speaking ... I love to talk to older people especially ... people who have lived and who have stories to relate and funny tales to tell. 

I particularly love older women, those who've done a lot of living ... kids, grandkids ... a couple of husbands and lovers perhaps ... a bit cranky and lovable ... love that twinkle in the eye ...

I was at a neighbour's party the other weekend and there were lots of older people there as well as all the kids and grandkids.  I love to see the old folks sitting with the babies ... looking on wisely and just loving that special connection they have with little ones ... I love that they don't get phased by anything ... like they've seen it all before ... which they have of course ... many times over. 
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Nice post ....wise owl

that'll do chiquita ... you pass the test!! haha

I'm not sure about great wit, but I possess an abundance of out right goofyness. = )

congratulations! yes, that would be a reality check for a teenager ... I expect there's hope with mine!

I was at that point. Mine is still a teenager (18) but now also a mother. The change in her attitudes has been startling but heartwarming.

yes ... I am in a complete and permanent state of idiocy with my teenager ... have been for a while now ... I'm hoping one day the situation will change ... lol ... but I'm not holding my breath.

Yes, respect does seem to skip generations... it's also how smart the previous generation becomes once children start having children of their own. I'm experiencing that right now... my first grandchild is only 3 weeks and my daughter is suddenly acting like my wife and I are brilliant when only months ago we were total idiots.

thanks mtvlm ... I'll put you on my list! lol<br />
<br />
yes m2mdad ... I don't think it would be an insult to be called an old woman anyhow, do you? lol Shame it's considered that way! Yes, what goes around comes around and respect certainly seems to skip generations.

I hear you. I'm not an old woman, but then again, my wife and kids sometimes accuse me of it! LOL From an early age I've gravitated to the elderly... mainly, I think, for their unflappability and their wisdom. I was surrounded by my grandparents and their peers. I never tired of their stories, but also soaked up their affection and attention, and also appreciated their ability to remain calm. As I grew older, I was also surprised to find out how quick-witted and truly funny they could be, and marveled that my parents seemed so humor challenged compared to their parents. Now I'm seeing my kids react the same way toward my wife and me and our parents.

Hey I am a plethora of useless information..... They to do the puns and all but not very good. Do make others laugh well.... LOL!!!!!