About Free Lunch, Flirting And Cybersex

Lets first clarify one thing. There is no "free lunch". There is a dream about all the good things others can present us with only because we are so hypnotically charming, unforgettable and unique. The idea of the "free lunch" is a synonym of our desire to be noticed and treated good.
Flirting is among the few ways that are innocent enough not to be considered a sin and providing us with a strong positive impulse. In the presence of the object of our flirt heart starts to beat faster, we look better - with bright eyes and shining hair, slimmer and happier. Call me naive, but I would say that flirting, when done in the certain limits, can provide us with the feeling we are still attractive and desired, even if happily married. Flirting does not require anonymity and people know they have been appreciated.
But when crossing "the border", especially online, there is a risk to get not exactly what you expect and in the best case experience the need of a cold shower. Cybersex is not for everyone. Of course there are "professionalists" in the area, but I think it requires a little preparation and very, very low level of expectations. Not to speak about the fact one may get surprised by someone knocking at one's door.
But as I already said there is no "free lunch".
mayaangpetrova mayaangpetrova
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

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I disagree. No explanation needed. By the way I've never paid for lunch.