More Than Any Other Characteristics...

...though punctuality is a contender, but that's another story.

Intelligence and a witty sense of humor, heavy on the sarcasm – these are the qualities I am most drawn to. I love having debates – even when they get a little heated, as long as no one crosses the invisible border between “I disagree, but still respect you” and “you’re nothing but effing moron and it’s about time I said so”.

I question pretty much everything in life – particularly closely-held beliefs, like religion. It’s not because I want to offend anyone, I just find it intriguing and want to know what it is about this “thing” that has everyone so worked up. Though, I confess, I often play the devil’s advocate just to make things interesting. It’s here where you learn how people truly feel about something and whether they will defend their beliefs or not. I hope you do – who cares what other people think anyway? You’re the one you have to face every day.

So, wit, intelligence, and a strong sense of self, with the courage to stand up for it in the face of opposition. Yep – true sexiness there, my friends.
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4 Responses May 8, 2012

KassieKat, you are on the same wavelength as me with the thoughts you describe!! If someone is not intellectually stimulating, then what's the point?

There's got to be something there of emotional substance from the get go. For me, the other part comes next.

You and I might just be completely insufferable in the same room...

I could see it going either way. My guess is we'd have to split up every now and again, just to give the rest of the world a chance... or, a break, depending on one's point of view. Ooh, that sounds awfully egotistical, doesn't it?

I agree with your piece. These traits are indeed attractive when dealing with friends or a romantic interest...but I will go further and say that in addition to these traits...a person who is laid back...has a great sense of humor...and a sincerity about them would be the icing on the cake for me. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. :)

When will somebody say "Maj,I just love you for your body." ? Uh !