Lets Talk

To talk with others is one of the best ways to enrich our being. People are so various as is life. Some are serious, others are not so much, but one always can learn something new and sometimes something exciting. Talking with people, of course, has its rules. The main is to get and provide pleasure in the dialog. It shall arise from the words and the topic, and the personality of the other party. Sometimes one gets specific delight even in arguing, especially when trusting and respecting the opponents.
Life offers us great variety. Sometimes it flows like water – delightful and smooth and sometimes we have to overcome many different obstacles, including ourselves. But every moment and every touch with other people is precious. As Omar Khayyám says “Enjoy every moment.This is your life.”
mayaangpetrova mayaangpetrova
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1 Response May 13, 2012

yes discussion is good thing too criticism is not bad unless its below the belt and to have some worthy opponent especially his/her view is different is really nice to argue and debates is good in every way...