Single Packed With A Ribbon

On a hot summer afternoon the grossary keeper was alone in his small store. Housewifes from the block already had bought what they needed, kids were at school and he did not expect too much people until the late afternoon. In fact he did not expect too much people at all. Crisis had it devastating effect and the keeper had started to think he will have to close.
All of a sudden the bell rang and in the store entered one man - middle aged, with nice face and smehow very, very clean clothes.
He looked around in the store, went to the counter and said "One melon, please, but would it be possible to have it single packed with a ribbon?"
"Of course" was the reply and the keeper packed the jucy fruit with pleasure, "Would you like something else?"
"Oh, yes, I would like 2 lb of beans, but please unpack it and pack every single bean in a single pack with a ribbon"
The keeper was a little stressed, but as he did not have too many customers and wanted his business alive, just started to pack.
And while doing this,he looked at the customer and politely said "And if you are looking for rice, Sir, we just finished it".
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