Me So Smart

I really like intelligent people. Ecspecially the intelligent people who understand that not everyone is going to be as smart as them, so they dont expect too much from others and they dont make others feel ****** because they arent as smart as them.
You know I would consider myself pretty smart, even though Ive never gone to school a day in my life.
People would always tell me, the only types of smarts is school smarts, but Id be like **** that & **** you.. Im smart.. I also have a lot of common sense, but common sense isnt a thing about intelligence, its about natural instinct.
Anyway, yeah.. Im pretty street smart and life experience smart.
I learned how to read this year, I taught myself, and my mother says Im a fast learner(:
Arent I cool?
GettingOverShit GettingOverShit
22-25, F
Aug 1, 2012