I Love Wit So Much But.....

I really do enjoy when people are witty and intelligent. If you have wit you are usually also intelligent, though not necessarily the other way around. At any rate, I find when someone has wit that they are more challenging to me, and I like to be challenged. However, there is a limit to this for me.

When I first meet someone if they are witty right off the bat I love it. However, I find that some people who behave like that like to string it along too long. At some point it is nice to drop the wit for a minute and just warm up to one another. After we are more comfortable again, then it is perfectly fine to start back up again. It is just that when someone never turns off their witty mode, I feel like I cannot understand them or read their mood or personality. This makes it difficult to continue any sort of relationship with that person.

Wit is a great social attribute to have, but I think some people need to remember that it is not the ONLY attribute they should have.
KingLobster KingLobster
18-21, M
Aug 12, 2012