Theres Nothing Sexier Than..

There's nothing sexier than a witty intellegent man. His clever sense of humor will keep you intrigued to see what's going on in that big sexy brain. His intelligence will boarden your mind and will keep you hanging on to his every word :)
amstevens23 amstevens23 26-30, F 4 Responses Aug 23, 2012

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ok..I get you on this...but what about a witty intelligent man AND a big **** would that be like the holy trinity and take you to heaven? ;-)

that...will get me pregnant lol

Nothing is sexier then the Mind.


Some of the sexiest people I have ever met are also very clever. You do not need to be a smart @ss and sprout everything that you know. Just take a genuine interest in the world around you, put your opinions reasonably when asked and accept that other people may think differently. Intelligence is very attractive. Dull ignorant and boring people are also very unsexy.

yes, ignorant people are very unsexy ideed lol

I agree 100%!

great conversations is like great sex :p

Seems like that's where it always

lol oh thats just a plus