Intelligence To Happiness Correlation

I have yet to meet a person who is both attractively intelligent and also able to retain a long term or even healthy level of happiness. Those that I have been fortunate enough to know in my admittedly short life are happy only in short lived bursts of brilliance and optimism, until knowledge of the world as it is, or their own personal worlds consumes them entirely.

Maybe it is my unfortunate magnetism for broken winged birds, but its an observation I stand by. I've collected so many birds, been the sun and moon for more than I should have allowed, and now I suffer the consequence of noting this observation. The sadness is always worth getting to know people though, anyone and everyone. I wonder at the statistics of some sort of intelligence to happiness correlation?
ChristineDarlene ChristineDarlene
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

I have often wondered this myself. It seems that truly gifted people often walk that fine line between brilliance and tragedy. Intelligent people are apt to explore, take certain risks and educate themselves; thus their world is larger. Perhaps so is their burden? (In truth, ignorance is bliss...)<br />
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I think we set our expectations of "happiness" too high. Life isn't always happy... it is interesting... full.... satisfying...even amazing, but we tend to expect too much and are not prepared to accept or feel the bad with the good. The irony is that the bad we naturally try to stamp out makes the good that much sweeter.

Your wording is perfection Red. I completely see what you mean; those who's minds are always going tend to have larger worlds, and maybe larger chance for burdens. Most of us don't have a right to say one person's burden is larger than another, but based on quantity maybe thats right.

interesting Red...i do not naturally try to stamp out bad...there is a balance