About Internet And Aphrodisiacs

I read somewhere that the efficiency factor of life is equal to the sum of all sex and work one does divided by the production of food, alcohol, and smoking. I do not know if this is really true, but no doubt people have always done their best to increase the numerator of the above stated equation.
Sex and work – these are passions shared by both men and women all over the world since the beginning of mankind’s history. We have been really inventive how to facilitate and increase the pleasure, especially when the matter comes to sex. We call all these means aphrodisiacs.
In general, an aphrodisiac can be considered every substance, matter, or action that stimulates sexual desire. There exist numerous literature sources, among them poetic Eastern tutorials where one can find positions with names like “Flight of the Night Butterfly” or “Revenge of the Cobra”, in addition to many herbs and foods which are known for their stimulating effect. The variety is enormous.
The internet has staked its claim as one of the greatest contemporary aphrodisiacs, because it overcomes all the borders and finds a way to eliminate culture differences among people. It is fascinating to chat with someone you have never seen, not knowing their real name, address or appearance. Someone that comes online to communicate finds the cozy anonymity of internet and may find themselves predisposed to sink into fantasy and fall in love...with one’s imagination. Well, does it really matter? The numerator of life’s efficiency factor rises and one feels happy…at least for a little while.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

What I like most about what you've written is that it provides the basis for many an intellectual argument--which I suspect was your intent. Brava!

Very glad someone could see it.

It seems a bit naive to suggest that the internet overcomes all borders-- buying a bit too far into the utopian claims of the early net, I think. There are still large swathes of the global population without internet access... this uneven access and the increasing critical mass of internet users only heightens the digital divide.

The internet does not collapse cultural difference either. People interpret and reframe online phenomena through their local knowledge and understanding, e.g. Weibo is a more effective version of Twitter for a (generalized) Mainland Chinese user.

Internet creates artificial reality to everyone that gets online. Of course Internet cannot overcome everything in real life.

"because it overcomes all the borders and finds a way to eliminate culture differences among people. "

The internet is also not a homogeneous space and it does not always create artificial reality. Sometimes it mirrors reality through the creation of augmented virtuality.