Name Some People You Consider Both Witty And Intelligent...

First one who comes to mind is Hugh Grant. Next is Christopher Walken. Next is Nicholas Cage.

If only their behavior didn't belie our assessed with the hooker, Chris interviewed about the death on the boat, and Nick with his money issues.
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Long gone but,Mark Twain comes to mind...

How about Tina Fey, Brian Williams,Al Roker, and John Stewert?

Even very intelligent people make poor choices. Hugh was drunk from what I read ( one of the reasons I do not drink) and was also thinking with the wrong head although there was probably another reason why a single person with his looks and money would risk serious health issues with a lady of the night.
Chris I have a harder time with. Caught backing up a friend. Would certainly hope that he could not have saved her, but surely knew more than he was saying. Once you start lying that slippery slope is going to take you down. The lies just keep going on and on. I try very hard not to lie for that reason.
Nick is very poor at handling money. When you like castles and have tens of millions coming in I would imagine that you get caught up in the fairy tale fairly easily.
Bottom line I think you picked three very witty and intelligent men who are flawed like the rest of us. Their flaws are just a little more high profile; thank goodness. :)
Like your choice in men. How about women? One of my first choices would be Julia Roberts. Talk about making a bad choice. Fortunately she has made a lot more good ones.

Yes, Julia Roberts...her brief marriage? You should write the story now, regarding females. :)

Ok. Will not be tonight, but I will. Since you did not pick on me, I will cut you some slack as well. :)

Well...... since you asked. You are very intelligent and witty. While I have not read all your stories yet, those that I have indicate that you let the establishment beat you. I really felt your boss was horrible. I was a VP for Hanes for a number of years and I would have been thrilled to have someone with your intelligence and self confidence. Can not tell what all was happening there, but it ended poorly.
I am not comfortable judging you, or really anyone. I try to bring a little levity, insight, and comfort where I can on EP. I have empthay with you on your marriage. We are kindred spirits and that is why I made the comment. Apologize if I offended you. Admire your courage and intelligence.

No offense taken.

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