Three Women In Hollywood Who Exhibited Both Wit And Intelligence, But Were Human.

Lucille Ball who made us all laugh on screen and owned her on studio, but had a tumultuous family life.

Whoopi Goldberg who is not only has her own talk show, but does a lot of stand up, and who did not think she was great in Sister Act? Plus she laid brick before she got her first big break. Don’t always agree with her politics, but hay that means she does not always agree with mine either.

Julia Roberts with that gorgeous smile and perky attitude that brings so much to the screen. Did not do such a good job picking a mate though, but way more than half of us on EP would have to fess up to that one.

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Good job!

Thank you for reading and the compliment.

you yourself are witty, and have awesome intelligence. I have had the best belly laughs cause of you.... just being you. lol... x

This is quite a compliment from the lady that had my jaws hurting for weeks from all the smiling and laughing after we started talking every day.
Just today you showed your superior intelligence compared to mine.
What do I think about it? You go girl : ))
Love Ya!

no.... you come over here. i\'d like to whisper something into your ear... only for your ear alone .... That lady with the red dot is close... I can feel her. xo

We have that secret place she does not have access to. Meet you there at the top of the hour. Till then I will lead her around in circles.

As you can see my hair is like Lucille Ball's, for my act... I'll take it to the secret place and for a *smile* ...I got one of those too! lol.. (hug)

You are a true classic in so many areas. I have always admired your wit and intelligence not to mention your loving giving spirit.
Now come over here and give me that long overdue kiss; please.

X don't have to ask twice my love. I have has a wonderful lazy day here on EP. Thank you for a very lovely evening of shared words and feelings. Time to prepare for tomorrow. This week is going to be hard and fast moving. Then I travel to mother's next weekend, so.. got to stay ahead of the game. I love you dear with all my heart. xxxxxxx

I actually have a pretty easy week compared to most, so I am looking forward to some additional time on ep. If you get some more time to come out to play I will look forward to more shared words my beautiful lady.

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Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate your choices, especially Lucille Ball. This is thought povoking. There are many outstanding women to choose from in Hollywood. I was glad that others bought up Oprah and Goldie Hawn. Carol Burnett deserves a mention too. Thanks again.

Appreciate you stopping by. I agree initially I thought it was going to be easy, but it was not. Actually Goldie was a very close 4th. Overboard is one of those movies I have seen four times and I still laugh. Your other two are certainly going to be on many, many top three lists as well. Why don't you write a story under I admire wit and intelligence. You have most of it done already. Let me know and I will come visit you.

I admire all three of these women...these are all very hard working and unique in their character and wit. So true about Julia Roberts....she sure can pick them!

I agree when you look at these three there is a lot to admire. Thank You for stopping by and sharing your feelings with us.

Your own wit is alive and apparent. Love it!

Have not felt your breeze before, but welcome. Stop by anytime.

Thank you. I'm new to EP. Happy new year and may the breezes blow favorably for you :D

Certainly has so far. As they say; "it is truely an ill wind that blows no good". Yours as all been good.
I hope the New Year brings you much joy, and welcome to EP.
I enjoy a little repartee occasionally, but keep in mind, I am probably older than your father. Be kind to your elders. :)

Age has no bearing on friendship... or love for that matter. And, in a forum like this, we're all ageless... as I believe it's our energy that reaches out to one another over the vastness that is cyberspace.

Appreciate your stance on EP. Now if you just step behind me. I could use a little tail wind, as I slide off line for a little bit. Thanks again for reading.

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Nice job! Now you have me thinking about females that would fit. I like your choices though. Not a fan of whoopie's humor though.

I agree with you on her humor doing stand up. Her Sister Act movies though really made me a fan of hers. Outside of those movies though I am not at all sold on the real person.
How about Goldie Hawn? She blasted through a couple husbands before picking a great partner in Kurt Russell. I smile just thinking of her antics.

I loved her and Kurt Russel in Overboard. lol. I didn't even know they were actually married. It's one of the few movies I can watch over again

I agree. It looked everyone was having so much fun in that movie..Actually I think that is when Goldi and Kurt started dating. Obviously the chemistry was right since they are still together.

Ya it was! No wonder it was a great movie.

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