A person doesn't have to have a higher education to be intelligent. Curiosity, in my opinion is a sign of intelligence. A person curious to learn new things, curious about other people, new places, philosophies and concepts etc.. Knowledge and wisdom are not the same things. I also rate emotional intelligence very highly - the ability to navigate the vagaries of daily life with a mature, calm, reasoned and rational response that does not impact negatively on others or themselves.
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Very well put.
Peter x

Hmmmmm. I think I know someone who fits that description. You are an interesting lady.
Pretty too. Do you like picnics, nature walks, strolling by the sea, watching a sunrise, or how the moon shines on the water? Inquiring minds want to know! lol

you are right buddy a person doesn't to have a higher education to be intelligent and the bill gates are the one of huge example is the successful person in the world but he dont had any higher education

Very wise! - You have a good grasp of real intelligence

Hear hear!

Reminds me of my brother and uncle, both have advanced degrees from well known colleges, and neither could hold a job for longer than 30 days because they couldn't get along with people.

Thank you for sharing this. You managed to cover a lot in a relatively small number of words :)