Call Me A Snob If You Will

I just can't stand coarse, poorly spelled writing. People always get more out of beautifully written pieces where you have clearly taken the time to put your feelings, experiences and desires down for all to see.

Using text speak does nothing for anyone.

I really admire people with a keen sense of humour writing with intelligence and style. One of my friends in particular is a writer of extraordinary talent. You won't see her writing rubbish because she is intelligent and cares enough to take the time to connect with her readers. With every piece she will leave you fulfilled and even wanting more. You don't lose anything by spending time on her writing - you gain something.

Relax, write how you feel. Realise that people are reading your thoughts and you may be pleasantly surprised with the feedback you receive.

LawyerGuy LawyerGuy
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3 Responses Feb 11, 2013

Are you writing this as a lawyer? :) I have to agree with you, I hate bad grammar and poor spelling. I hate made up words like "orientate" and other such words. But, then again, being a poor speller is no reason to discount someone. My brother is not so great at spelling (he gets that from my dad)...

But for professionalism, it sure does make a difference to be intelligent in spoken and written word.

I fear that the rise in technology and the simultaneous decline in education (especially in the US) are two of the main reasons that writing standards and expectations have decreased. One would think that more access to knowledge via the internet and mobile technology would have positively affected grammar but the opposite seems to be true. I've also noticed on EP that the most popular users are rarely (if ever) the better writers. It just goes to show you that when it comes to communicating, actions really do speak louder -- even on the internet.

Very well said indeed. I recently worked for a government agency in Australia and had to use phonetics to decipher applications made to the agency. It is an indictment on our education systems.

Well written and just all around beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.