Intelligence Makes A Guy Look Good

I am not going to deny that 'Dark, Tall, Handsome with Six-pack' always blows me away. Yet, what does really matter to keep me interested is intelligence. Some guys have got all that beautiful appearance but when they speak...there's no dream, no ambition, no aim in their life----and that is a BIG TURN OFF.

I don't really like those guys who spend so much time working on their pictures on Instagram but pay very little attention to what is going on in the real world. And when you talk to's like that they don't know anything apart from how to work on those muscles.

I believe that many men think the same towards
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Intelligence is sexy to me in a women. A women can be downright sexy, but be dumb as a rock, which makes her in my opinion unattractive.

Intellect is definitely the biggest turn on for me BUT at this point in my life, I'm so tired of hearing excuse after excuse as to why guys have "let themselves go." I'm 40-something ... It goes with age !!! Um... Yea and so do I.
I'm not saying you have to be cut but at least take pride in your appearance.

Very true


sensible men get turned on by women with personality rather than their looks
independent women somehow looks more attractive to men because of their attitude and mannerism

I prefer deep intellectual conversations. I have social anxiety problems and a high level of sensitivity so it's tough for me to get into those type of conversations. Usually most people prefer small talk just to fill the silence and have something to talk about. When I'm around groups of people they just jump from one topic to another without even finishing their thoughts or sentences. That irritates me because it overwhelms me with too much stimulation. Then my brain just shuts down and I can't focus and follow the conversation. It causes me to just space out and not think clearly. That's why I like 1 on 1 conversations in private settings and diving deeper into one topic instead of jumping around from one thought to the next.

It's not easy finding people who prefer deeper conversations over small talk. Anyways, I'm just rambling here.

Men who work on their bodies all day typically aren't looking for long-term relationships or emotional connection: they want to get laid. As such, you can normally expect them to be at least somewhat shallow and one-dimensional in their approach to life.

Correct, It's no good having a FANTASTIC "STAIRCASE" ! ! !

if there's nothing at the top of the Stairs, as it were.


I dont think so at all, but for the most part this is my opinion.

People are so wrapped up in social media and the friends they think they have on face book, but the fact is that if you have more than 100 friends on face book, they are not friends, they are acquaintances.
People think that instragram, g+ and all these other things are the way that beings social should be.
When it fact its making them dumber.

If you have 1500 friends its even worse! you cant hold a meaningful conversation with 100 people a year, let alone 1500. That's the fact.

Guys think that if they spend huge time at the gym that all women will like them because of their body, when its the exact opposite, they actually reduce their demographic the bigger they get. I know, Im one of them.

The reality is that people need to stick with their top 20 friends, and be social with them every week, to maintain healthy, meaningful relationships.
As for wit, I think the coyote in road runner had the idea down pat....

I was blown away from the tall dark haired muscly man. But when I got to no him, there was nothing to no! There so big headed and slightly dumb.. Did catch him lookin at himself any chance he got.

Harv24jg you are soooooo full of crap its literally spilling out i would bet everything i have that your IQ is not 140+ Are you aware of what your implying? You are implying that you are a very special 1% of the total world population....only 1% of the worlds human have an IQ greater then 135 and i seriously doubt someone like that would be focusing on a social website where pedos and lonely depressed people prowl for online hookups Pfft and quantum physics huh? Where did you get this line from....jesus people will say anything to impress a person online with a girl profile pic

I don't know who you are or what joy you get from slamming people, but your grammar alone suggests you are no genius. Go back to slumming with your science friends; I don't think you have the social or moral intelligence to hang out with us. Don't let the door hit your ***, where apparently your big brain resides, on the way out.

Yes I would say that guys with intelligence and ambition are likely to want the same in a woman. Fortunately muscles and brains are not mutually exclusive and you can find someone who has both if both are important to you.

Personally I have never been blown away by 'Dark, Tall, Handsome woman with a Six-pack'. This is very difficult to read by short, redheaded, funny looking men who have misplaced their six pack... laughs.

Wonderful post. Engage the mind, and the rest will come along for the ride.

Yes, absolutely! I hate being bored, so wit and intelligence are so much more important to me than the superficiality of arbitrary concepts of what beauty is or should be. It comes from within, either the heart, the brain, or both, and i am much more aroused by an interesting, fun and complex conversation that reveals the woman within rather than the woman without.

Ambition is not the only indicator of intelligence. And it's not always a good thing either :P

Ah, but what are worldly achievement s but fleeting moments of glory? Those who see the universe on a greater scale seem to have less of a use for ambition.