I have been bullied by a member in here and posting in everything they like, so it is warning what this person can do to you andYou know I it is hard to be friends with someone that always puts you down. Nobody wants to hear they are moron. Nobody wants to hear false lies that person is saying about them. Nobody deserves the emotional abuse. Good day. I and done. Thank you o
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It is really hard to not to be frustrated, you are a serial victim.

You go on Atheist questions and pick a fight you can't win, then you say you are being antagonized. You would never block someone who is bothering you because you are a religious martyr masochist.

I know that have a lot of pain, and you struggle and it brings me no joy to be high handed. It is worse than being bullied. It is a "Passion of the Christ" fantasy. Atheists don't want to be cast as Roman soldiers in you psychodrama.

We are not villains we don't believe in a God and we generically don't like religions because they make people do things like this.

Hmmm...simply ignore & stay away from them...there's a great saying "Never be with persons who always try to pull you down"-Unknown

I am so sorry to hear that you have experienced that on this site. I think each and everyone of us, especially women have dealt with some sort of bullying, emotional or sexual abuse on here...I hope that this one particular person doesn't discourage you from being a member on EP...I am sure that you have met so many lovely people and they far outnumber those who bully and torment...I sincerely hope things get better for you and you have a lovely weekend..

Flag, delete, block and ignore dear. There is no reason to allow people to bully you. If it is private message copy and paste it to an email to EP.

Someone is bullying you on this site?!

Why did they suspend when I was trying to tell people about this bully