I feel that the lack of intelligence is actually more of a call for help . Think about it . If you didn't know you were stupid would you want someone to tell you ??? Would you want to be given the same chance to choose wether or not you want to be educated . I know I would .
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True stupidity has no idea it is stupid and lives blissfully unaware of it for the majority of it's life, the great irony is it is the stupid ones that always seem to be the happiest because they are too stupid to know any better.

At times I truly envy the blissful fool, for to him all the world is a rose with no thorns.

With that in mind I advise you to check your spelling. The gap between Think about it and the . Your grammar. Once you have everything perfect in your life. By all means go on to tell others they are stupid.
Personally I choose not to judge, or be insensitive to others as I know I am far from perfect.

I'm sorry, if you didn't know you were " intelligent " . . Didn't mean to make you feel like I was bashing anyone . Anyways I'm not here to be a grammar nazi . I could care less if I misspelled a word or left something out . I'm expressing myself and what I think. As long as you can read it and understand it, which obviously , you did , it's okay with me :) Now obviously if you do not think the same you are entitled to your own opinion . Also, never said I was perfect. Or the smartest . All I said was that if you weren't aware you weren't intelligent wouldn't you want someone to say hey, wouldn't you like to learn ?? If you want to twist my words and create your own post by all means .

"Would you want to be given the same chance to choose wether or not you want to be educated . I know I would ."

spelling words, and grammar are both parts of the education you claim that you'd like the "same chance" at

I do find it offensive that you say you feel obligated to tell people they are not intelligent. However, I am playing by your rules. Being as you stated you would want people to tell you if you were not intelligent so you could become educated. I filled your wish and informed you that you seriously need an education in ninth grade English.
I believe the appropriate response is thank you.

Exactly But are you telling me this because it's something you want me to work at or is something your just picking out because you dislike the post .I accept helpful criticism. If those are your intentions.

I am being respectful and supportive. I would not normally mention any grammar or spelling errors as they don't bother me. Whether or not you realize it. I was answering your request.
If your going to make those kind of statements on ep and don't want help. State that you don't want help. Otherwise people are going to give you what you have asked for.
So do you wish me to withdraw my answers?

lol you are correct. Got me!

Grammar nazi

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Some people are not smart enough to feel

Even the most stupid person in the world knows how to love and can recognize the difference between hate.

Feel stupid* ._.

Let me rephrase . If you weren't aware you weren't intelligent wouldn't you like someone asking if you would like to learn .

Isnt that kinda rude?? if you did ask someone this kind of question.. You're indirectly saying they're stupid..

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