To begin with I would love to say that yes I do admire these qualities in another being. But the sad truth about this is that at times it feels like it's becoming a thing of the past. A lot of people nowadays rely on makeup their bodies and accessories to make up for what they are lacking in their brains. And that's a huge no no. What happens when all of that is said and done. Once the sex has been played out ? Can we not have an intelligent conversation?? But I've come to realize that most relationships are based on meeting up having meaningless sex go out on a few dates and texting half the time. But some of these individuals never stop to have a deep hearted conversation to get to know each other more to look into each other's souls. So after all is said and done and there is nothing else then that also means there is no relationship. I love what I have found and that is wit intelligence laughter and real love. Besides sex and or making love we can also go without it because there is just a stronger dynamic in our relationship. It's just not solely sex defendant.
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The thing that gets to me is we have here 1) a site that is dependent on people to type their thoughts in a coherent way to communicate with others sexually or not and 2) a bunch of morons who never learned how to express themselves verbally let along by writing it down. I love it when people make the effort but I wish there were more that thought with their brains rather than with their *****. I always appreciate it when I see thoughtful submissions like this one.

Yes, lacking. The issue of relationship glue is just a symptom. The cause the issue. Younger generations are not 'well read' as in literature, they see education as something gleamed off 2 paragraph Internet fodder. The common interests of two people with superficial views of the world surely will not last. society, our culture, with its 'fame is happiness' message, is the root of this problem. It's become a vain world, and in vanity there is little room for growth, especially in an individual, let alone a marriage. Lets hope 'smart' becomes the new 'sexy' soon...

I would hope so. I pray for the day smart becomes the new sexy!!!!!

Do you think it is the rise in divorce? So many seem to make it last long enough to make a family and then realize after the glow is gone so is the love our the lust that made then get this far.

I honestly think. Because of the way people treat each other and jump right in to something without knowing each other well that's why relationships fail. Because you don't really know that person but when you each take the time to talk and spend time that's when you know if it's for you!!!!

I agree, it is a thing of the past. It very unfortunate how true your words are and even more disturbing is how numb this society has come to this realization...this bad habit of taking things face is most unpleasant

I most certainly agree. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes notice!!

Dependant. This damn auto correct!!!