BUT...... a nice behind can get you just as far at times. ;)
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I do love me some nice butt. ;o)

I guess it depends on the hormone level that day.


What can you say but "hubba hubba" - the girl has booty...

But then, booty without a mind and spirit the excites and captivates will lose its allure pretty fast.

I am usually drawn to the wit and intelligence.... ... a nice behind can keep your attention momentarily, until it is out of sight.... but once you fall for the mind.... it wouldn't matter if they had a behind or not....

True...can't imagine being with a gorgeous but vacuous person....how boring after the first 5 minutes

Mind you, i'm thinking both your mind and your booty must be pretty good (and those that know me are now groaning and saying "Ohh god, he's impossible")

and the ones that know me are probably grinning, rolling their eyes and saying.... "ohh GOD.... she is going to CLOBBER him with her rolled up newspaper if he mentions her 'booty' One More Time.....".... *laughing*

Good to have a laugh - am I in mortal danger?

But a great 5 minutes:)

Well, you have to have a behind. It WOULD be very awkward:)))

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I look at the spirit!!!

flashes thumbs-up at you.... GOOD.... can't go wrong with a spirited mount... just don't let him run away with you.


Hey I like yu yu r radio active!!!


Makes me wish I had a better behind...lol

wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you are a gray and white person... with only a head... it can only get better...lol

true that.

So now your inbox will be filled with *** shots? ;-)

hell no. I spank the ***** that show up... and not in a good way... *devilish grin*

I have to weapon now...because 51 is popular


How true

My behind has never gotten me anywhere! Hell, I can't even get it of the couch half the time!


I'll shiw you mine, if you show me yours :p

nah... neither a ****, nor looking for a daddy.

And I implied neither, did I?

no.... but your name does.

My name had nothing to do with your post, nor did my comment.

So I will just assume that noone will ever know what kind of person you desire to be in your own dirty mind. I guess your too afraid to be labeled, as you seem to have no problem labeling someone because of a screen name.

you have to admit that your name is vaguely telling...lol

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further if you are female!

not for me...... *grins*

it would with me! ;)

lol..... ;P

You have to sit on something when you drive :)

That is true sometimes. I do have trouble finding an utterly stupid person attractive no matter how hot their body is.

A great pair of legs and cute feet help get you where you need to go

hey now... uncute feet will still get you where you want to go... (not a foot person)...*shrugs*

lol...true...but am sure you dont need that...or do you?

And boobs!!! Lol

well.... I don't really go for them myself...... but I can see your point....lol

I go for them :)

A sweet backside can shut down wit sooner than wit can diminish a sweet backside.

Good backside where lots keep thier brains

Oh that is so true

Lol true in some cases with the behind part , but in some cases - wit and intelligence will enable you to be capable to do a whole lot more should you set your self to use it for goals , reasons , accomplishments etc otherwise.

so true ;) but nice cleavage with a nice behind also is best :)

I mean let's face it..sometimes the words are not so good rolling on the square wheels or failing us altogether.
A great butt is good to fall back on.

We are nothing if not primal.

haha ... no doubt !!


well its just whn the front is not good or all done.