I'm going too shut him up by sucking his **** so I can stay home with no career and stalk
Lie 24 7 and make him pay for every thing

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hit me up ! You sound like the woman of my dreams!

Is that how all the elderly woman are now? No career, sucking ****? Sounds depressing lady.

Damn. That's exactly what I don't want in a woman ha. Seems so pointless.

You started it at destiny blog and cam...that's what you get..disrespect ....

You start everyday. .we smash you...

This is quite a position you've taken. I'd like to know more. No doubt you have your reasons. I am thinking you are resentful and fed up with feeling like you have to do it all and it is never good enough.
If I am correct you are exhausted and tired of pulling the double shift of working at home and outside of home.
Do you feel taken for granted?
Is that putting it mildly?
Let's face it we women work. Some of us also work outside of the home.
Am I in the ballpark?
The power and control you have is sexual and you intend to exercise it over him.
If I am wrong I apologize.

Maybe your power can be achieved thru love and intimacy?

Define try

You are able to decipher all thSt from the gibberish?



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I talk a lot!!

I talk every day! Sometimes, I just shoot my mouth off! ;)

That is a bit extreme but, contains one valid concept ;)

You are an incredible woman- left that part out