Pretty Empty-heads

i will gladly tell you that i like to look at attractive people... but sometimes beauty fades sharply as soon as the mouth opens.  one girl i know is enough to make me salivate....  but only in looks.  sweet though she is, as soon as she begins to speak, it becomes clear that she has nothing between her ears.

a pretty outside is nice, but that will fade in time.  what matters more to me is being able to talk to him/her.  that we can explore ideas together.... that he laughs at my (sometimes rather obsucure) jokes. 

i will happily look at anyone, but i would rather talk to someone of intellect and wit.
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Good for you.

Looks are important but I've been with nerdy guys just because they're so much more intellectual even though they weren't all that cute.

a coworker looked good and had beautiful blue eyes, but the minute he opened his mouth,it changed. very crude. guess i shouldn't blame him though.

I must agree with you outside superficial beauty fades with time, but beauty inside never does.

I think you should be grateful that beautiful bu empty headed girl by her actions, gave you a new definition of density. IE density, the space between her ears. Is it just me or did anyone else think of Jessica Simpson. Of course there is the stereotype of the dumb blonde. I hope none of you think that a disagreement is necessarily a sign of stupidity. OTOH its foolish just to disagree for the heck of it sake. There is a world of difference between I respectfully disagree verse you full of s....

perhaps this "pretty" girl understands mysteries the rest of us only guess at. ?<br />
all anyone really needs to know is what makes them happy and how to share joy with others<br />
just saying, for all the great thinkers out there.

hmmm im thinking. alright, that's what it is. hate. why does anyone hate someone because they are not attractive to them. i can see someone not caring to know another person but why hate them?<br />
"shes lucky i didnt smack her for putting her hands on me" and the comment by cuteandtwisted both seems so hateful. intelligently brings up a good point but there is one other aspect; people who are ugly and stupid. who will feel for them?

I agree entirely with everything you've said here, but I would add another aspect for you to consider.<br />
<br />
People with looks as well as brains are often treated very poorly. Not because they're stupid or ugly.. but because they are -not-. Intimidation and low self esteem can cause many people to be less than accepting of a person who not only bears a pretty face but also possesses a greater intelligence than the average person.

LOL!!!! Finally, thank you. I knew somewhere there were members of the male gender who didn't think stupid was hot. Enough with stupid guys and girls already! Besides that, there are plenty of studies done to support that of all the different types of women, smart girls have far superior skills in the boudoir. And why not? I know I certainly can't get into bed with any guy (or girl) who doesn't have a brain in their head. I will take smart over sexy, too. I think smart is very hot. There just isn't beauty enough out there to compensate for lack of intelligence. I mean, even if you did decide to go to bed with that hot mess, what else is there afterwards? Thanks for your comments. Trust me, brainy girls research all sorts of topics and let me tell you, it pays to be smart.........................

"We didn't hate her, we just really loathed having her around" she giggled, yelled thanks, hugged me, and bounced down the hall.<br />
<br />

I had a friend in high school who was very much a genius. He, at one point, was dating the stereotypical blond cheerleader. It drove him insane how stupid she was, but he, for a long while, couldn't get over how hot she was. <br />
<br />
The girl actually walked into a room where we were discussing the tribal tensions in different countries in Africa, and she very bubbly and bouncily said "Africa, wow, y'all are smart. I like so totally couldn't even find that country on a map." He very quickly whisked her out of the room. We just sat there. We, of course, had been under the impression that everyone at least knew Africa was a continent. <br />
<br />
When he finally left him, we threw him a party. He just kept saying he tried, he tried to "prove" that she was just acting stupid and that girls didn't need to act stupid to get a boy to like her... when he realized she wasn't acting, it didn't matter how nice she was, how hot she was, or how good she was in bed. He absolutely couldn't stand her.<br />
<br />
After the break-up she bounced up to me in the halls and accosted me. She said "So how come y'all totally like hate me?" She is lucky I didn't smack her for putting her hands on me. Instead, I calmly told her we didn't hate her, we just really loathed having her around." She giggle, yelled thanks, hugged me, and bounced down the hall.<br />
<br />
His next gf wasn't any better though. boys

That's hilarious, did anyone else picture(?) this girl with a ridiculous southern accent XD?

well, i think that bubble-heads are nice to look at... but I sure wouldn't want to be in a serious relationship with one!!! It's not vain at all to want to talk to someone on your own level; sadly many people think with their gonads instead of their brains!