Look For Intelligence Over Looks.

I admire a woman who is intelligent and has a quick wit. I like wit which keeps me interested. I look beyond the surface and seek what is on the inside. I am not intimidated by women who are smarter than I. I seek out and enjoy their company.

morningstar45 morningstar45
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im, glad, that there are other people who look beyond the surface

Wise, witty and wonderful to know....who can ask more than the 3 W's?

hey Morningstar45 . I hope you did swap. Best of luck to you guys. I adore a good love story.

Even better!

hey lamp, how about intelligent with a nice rack? lol

Dry wit, black humor, what else?

Hear! Hear! An intelligent woman is by far the sexiest!

One of the many reasons why you are fantastic

Hey Amish! I love this post. I love having a man that is open and intelligent to share with me too.

Hey, gordy2209 how do you know we haven't swapped addresses.

You guys sound compatible lol. Swap msn addresses