Screw Intelligence!

I find this idea of wanting intelligence in a man or holding onto one who happens to be intelligent to be a bit patronizing.  Or annoying.  Or both.  Maybe we deserve it for judging women on their looks, but still two wrongs don't make a right.  Then again, an eye for an eye....

Maybe I can't articulate it very well because I don't know what it is that bothers me.  I'll probably keep on writing until it comes to me or I get tired of hearing myself think.  

I'm a man that a lot of women consider intelligent. Great.  That and a dollar fifty will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  What?  Ok.  Two bucks now, and neither one of them a star.  

Like most guys, all I care about is getting laid.  Ok, so I like to be loved, too.  Don't tell anyone.  But for all the women tell me intelligence is desirable, it never did make a difference, love-wise, as far as I can tell.  At least, not enough to make me feel ok about myself.

I just hate being judged.  I hate performing (at least with my intelligence -- music or writing or dance is another thing).  Everyone has something to teach me, and usually a lot more than something.  Everyone's problems concern me, simply because ... I don't know.... it pulls on my emotions to see someone hurting?

I don't really understand the premise of this group and I don't understand the way this website works.  Guess I must be stupid after all.  But.... at least I ....

Aw, forget it.  Can't think of anything with redeeming social value.  Sorry for jerk1ng you around and delivering bupkus.

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5 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Je ne sais pas. J'aime l'amour. Peut-ĂȘtre trop.<br />
<br />
Can I have a third choice? What the hell are you doing with this guy?

I don't judge a man based on his intelligence, or lack thereof. <br />
I do find it incredibly annoying to try having a conversation with someone who always comes across as though they've lived their entire life on a pinhead.<br />
No idea what I'm talking about, never heard that before, as though the world and everything in it mysteriously passed them by without them even noticing.<br />
"Ah, the language of love!"<br />
"What's that?"<br />
"French. French is commonly referred to as the language of love."<br />
"No it isn't."<br />
"Yes it is"<br />
"Well, says who? I've never heard that before. Maybe it's Spanish or German"<br />
"But it isn't. It's French"<br />
"Well, whatever"<br />
<br />
Would you call this ignorance or stupidity?

Of course I am a fan of Intelligent Conversation...and sometimes, lots of times, that means intelligent debate too! :)

What? Not agreeing with me??? That's against the laws of nature! And so is enjoying my post.<br />
<br />
Ok. Color me pink. Thanks for the comment.

I don't agree with you...but I enjoyed your post!