Wit Is the Best Humor

wit is awesome. especially if the person is funny. I tend to be very witty, but only on occasion. it's like a switch gets flipped at random. as far as intelligence is concerned, I have more respect for wisdom, but not everyone has either.

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When I was a little boy,I lived in the state of Kentucky, where drunkeness was very common on election days. At an election…in a village near where I lived, on a day when the weather was inclement and the roads exceedingly muddy, A Toper named Bill got brutally drunk and staggered down a narrow alley where he layed himself down in the mud, and remained there until the dusk of the evening, at which time he recovered from his stupor. Finding himself very muddy, he immediately started a pump to wash himself. On his way to the pump another drunken man was leaning over a horse post; this, Bill mistook for the pump and at once took hold of the arm of the man for the handle, the use of which set the occupant of the post throwing up. Bill believing all was right put both hands under and gave himself a thorough washing. He then made his way to the grocery for something to drink. On entering the door one of his comrades exclaimed in a tone of surprise, Why Bill what in the world is the matter?Bill said in reply by G-d you ought to have seen me before I washed.”

Awesome story btw!

I Rather Wisdom.

intelligence plus wisdom is the best yet

Me too. I'm only witty when I don't try.

haha, like I said, it is kind of a random on and off thing, but Im sure you'll see it show through at some point.

i like a bit of wit and intelligence myself :D it makes a very interesting conversation, usually me listenign and them talking :D i like it that way <br />
so come on then show me some wit :D