No Excuse To Stay With An Abuser!!

I think raising children in any type of abusive situation is unhealthy. Kids grow best with love, safety and good examples set before them. But these are hard to find. We all need to see in front of us examples of good relationships and how they work. That doesn't mean perfect or Hollywood versions of relationships, but ones of respect, kindness, similar values and mutual love.

For anyone in the Western world to live in homes with fear, violence, anger drug/ alcohol abuse, physical intimidation, verbal abuse and sexual violence, etc is sad and disappointing. We live in FREE countries yet some women let a guy treat them and their kids so badly. They just don't believe in themselves or don't want to be lonely. But abuse is a high price to pay just to keep a man! When we forget the man, we think about our kids, and break the spell a bad relationship has on us! Think what we teach the kids if you put up with this! Children copy what we DO more than what we SAY.

I admire women who find the strength to get out. It's not easy, but if you put your child/ ren's well-being ahead of your loneliness, comfort, sex-drive then you are a HERO! A challenge worth taking on though not easy.

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WannaBeReal WannaBeReal
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

It isn't always best to leave here, you maybe leaving a violence filled marriage for a unsafe environment for the child. Shelters here are in bad areas with a lot of drug use, crime, and violence. The people in them are mostly there 2 years and so poor they can't afford to leave. Its few good people get hurt and broken. I only know this because 3 woman lived with me after going to a shelter for help. I have always had a open door.

I stayed in an abusive marriage too long, because I thought he would change. He thought I would change. We fought and bullied and manipulated each other and then got mad & frustrated when our attempts to change each other didn't work.

It was a waste of 10 years of my life. All because I was in denial!!!! Finally I had to accept we were NEVER a good match and NEVER would be. Stop fighting what is and let him go....