Everything Around Me Breaks. . .:(

Everything I touch breaks. :(  Well not everything I guess.  I think I'm haunted by Murphy's law.  Anything that can go wrong will.  Its only a matter of time before something breaks once it is in my posession.  My record of having something not break while it was with me is one year.  I had my cell phone for one year before I dropped it one too many times.  Now I'm stuck with this crappy cheap Nokia.  

I have broken. . .

Two windows

five mirrors

One cell phone

One mp3 player

two nanopets

one lap top

one very expensive collectable mug that I bought for my piano teacher while I was on vacation

One car (well technically *I* didn't break it.  Its just old and would have broken down anyway, but it was it was in my posession when it broke so it counts)

One lava lamp

Two regular lamps

One water bed

five candle holders

three candles (one I broke on purpose, though)

ten dvd's.

Five computer chairs

And the very many glass plates and bowls throughout my clumsy childhood.

I also had a cat die.  He didn't die because I mistreated him or anything.  It was actually kidney failure, but again, I bet that wouldn't have happened if my brother had been his owner.

There's a lot of other stuff thats broken because of me but I can't think of them at the moment.

SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

lol, its very possible the mirrors might be why I keep breaking everything else.