Olivier Menasseyre

I am sadly having a bad monthly period this weekend, and I have been cossetting myself at home, but even though I have been trying to keep my mind on my daughterly duties at home. Thankfully father is not a stringent follower of the old idea of Niddah. Many have taken this rule to an extreme and we women have felt withheld from communion for half each month because of a natural bodily function, which actually ensures potential of healthy offspring.

While at home, and having a hot-water bottle on my lap for most of the day, to try ease the pain in some small way. I haven't even dressed since the beginning of Shabbat on Friday. I have been thinking of my friend, my best friend, Olivier, and we have talked into the night on our portable phones.

I have two days left, I hope, but tomorrow I do have to go to college, and so I will wrap myself up. It will be satisfying to see Olivier there. We will go for coffee too, and talk. He will cuddle me like always, and my pains will ease for some time. These moments and hours apart though, I am cramming with thoughts of him.
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

yeah! when they hold you it makes the pain go away! eh?

Just curious, how would your father's observance of Niddah affect you? Niddah is practiced between husband and wife.