I have very vivid very real dreams of being taken by a strong over powering male I can never see his face but he's very built and very sexy and has a certain confidence that is such a turn on I have the same dream almost every night and it always ends the same leaving me wet and frustrated and always craving more...hmmm what does it all mean and why can't I finish
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I know the feeling!

Oh really? do tell

I seldom remember my dreams, but I'm sure as a unconscious *** shooter in my teens and currently as one who often wakes up during the night or in the morning with a raging hardon, I am quite sure that sexy dreams are part of my night time entertainment

Mabel you can't finish because your body is waiting for some one to finish for you.

I would gladly volunteers wanting to do just that!

Can't finish cause she doesn't know his face!!

Means you need me to *** bring you to multiple ******* -)

Just means you're very horny, baby girl

I'm always that way and frequently act on it but this is different like a thirst you cant quench

Might mean you have a submissive aspect that is seeking its Dom.

that's what I think it is that's a real turn on for me

Well, maybe we should have a chat some time.

Sounds like you need an older, dominate, confident, sexy man to quench that thirst.

Your body is ready to be overp

Overpowered, sexed long and hard, ****** suck and pleased beyond belief

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That would be frustrating!

You can't finish? Hmmm, I wonder too.

I think you already know your no face man. Let him in and don't hold back