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A Bible Study

after what happen the other day my faith was tested but with katie and her family i'm feeling better it started yesterday i got some verses (psalms  91, 96)from some of my on-line friends i took them to her i could have call her but i feel the need to tell her in person we talk about our feelings and how we hope the our ex-friend can get some help we prayed for him today katie brother and friend are going job hunting we prayed (psalms 43) we plan to pray and read every day it make me feel so good to do this
janiceisdayna janiceisdayna 31-35, F 1 Response Jan 15, 2008

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Maybe this can help, too! Try Loving & Protecting the real Breath of Life and Love born within you from birth. A true gift of your Creator. And try to Love yourself from the inside out, accepting the good and the bad, like the Creator and his son Jesus do for us always. Live only by the rules of the Crearor not man. It can be an awesome start to Loving, Protecting and Growing the Love and Life you seek & need. Hugs, LW