Change Of Ground

In my dream there was a glass jar, in the shape and size of a cat. Curious, my cat went to peer and sniff inside and around it. Then she poured herself into it. Filling in every detail of the jar with her body, it fit her perfectly. I thought, "How interesting, she looks exactly the same and she is totally protected. She can not be hurt, in fact she can't be touched." Autonomy and flexibility are important when you are a cat, so she soon tired of conforming to the jar and struggled to find  a way out of the jar. She got a little panicked and that helped to free her.
I too have crawled inside of a place of protection. A place that would make it more difficult to be harmed. Autonomy and progress are so important to me, I have stayed in this position for too long. The challenge of changing position is becoming vulnerable, in my case, the costs are extremely high to become vulnerable. There is a speed to my circulation, a quickening of my pulse and I am ready.

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This is primary eloquence in it's finest form If I choose one favorite line, well I change my mind The many fine lines make up a great write unusual, yet beautiful Nicely penned Bravo !........:)

An excellent analogy, superbly written, and deserving of all the commendations and interesting comments. Well done!

Dear JRJ I'm going to memorize what you said word for word, thank you. Every word is true.

Vulnerability is too often seen as a weakness. It isn't. It's a state of mind.<br />
Seldom pemanent, but it can last longer when the fear of being hurt is added.<br />
You must smash the jar and accept that you're going to get hurt anyway. <br />
Either by letting someone take advantage of your vulnerability, or through staying inside the jar and seeing life pass you by.<br />
Accept that you're vulnerable -we all are- and even say so to your entourage. Make that vulnerability a strength instead of a weakness.<br />
If you are able to tell people that you are vulnerable, with your head held high, they are very much less likely to try to lure you into their little love schemes... ; )

Hi Marji, Your rooting for me means so much, thanks!

Thanks Alex, That handy-dandy subconscious!

Hi BB, me too :)

I'm beginning to crawl out ^_^