I Don't Want To Loose My Relationship

A lot has happened in the past year of my life that has changed a lot about me. I've tried to be strong and push forward with my life but the past just keeps creeping up on me and draging me back down. Although the past has a lot to do with what I'm feeling right now, the main source of stress has been the past couple days.

My senior prom is this Saturday and I pictured it as the perfect night but now I'm not so sure. A week ago I thought my boyfriend and I had our prom plans finalized but so much has changed since then. I tend to get really stressed over little things so I wanted to make sure everything for prom was solid so I would have no reason to stress on 'our night'.

Yesterday was the turning point where everything came crashing down around me (at least that's how it seemed). My boyfriend saw, first hand, the reasons why I don't like my great grandma (bitchy, demanding, rude, racist) which is something I wish he never would have seen. I also made the mistake of reading though a messages he had sent to an ex when he left his Facebook page open on my laptop; I feel really guilty about reading through his messages.

I confessed to him that I had gone though the messages and have been awaiting a response from him all afternoon. I'm not looking forward to talking about this because he just texted me but I know it's the right thing to do and lying and trying to hide it would have only made things 1000 times worse. I'm just afraid he's going to leave me because of this and if it comes down it that, I believe it'll push me over the emotional edge.
AdorableCaterpillar AdorableCaterpillar
18-21, F
Apr 25, 2012