Mabey I'm Not Okay

How do i put this... I CANNOT SLEEP. I guess that's what a normal person would call insomnia. However the reason I can't sleep is not because I'm wired or just not tired; I am so afraid of what I'm going to dream about, that i sit there silent and worried, with a blanket pulled over my head, because I am so scared, I can't move it out of my face.
I can't explain why but I have always had really good dreams, but after a week of good dreams I get awful headaches and nightmares that are unbearable. It's kind of comical to my friends, because I take pride in being a bit of a bad-***, in that nothing registers on an emotional level. When I have these nightmares I cry in my sleep and jolt awake, hitting my head on the shelf on my bed in the proses. And I will admit that dreams and nightmares freak me out.
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Dec 21, 2012