I'm Petrified...

Have you ever had that feeling where you are soooo scared to loose someone, that you have this terrible feeling in the pit off your stomach that never goes away?? This last while I've been having alot of that..

It's like my mind consumes me and I cry constantly. I mean terrified to loose the only person I will ever love. We are in a long distance relationship which is hard enough cause I wanna be there for her so bad right now.. But I'm up in court the 21st of this month and to think that I might go to jail for a hefty charge (which I didn't do btw). It scares the life out of me to think that someone might come along and take her from me. I don't think I could cope to think of her being in someone else's arms. To have someone else there in my place it breaks my heart..

This whole court case is a huge misunderstanding of things and it happened a year ago, my whole life has changed since then.. And she is the only reason why I'm still going I love her soooo much. I mean I've talked this over with her a million times and she is so sweet and understanding. I just wanna prove to her that I will be all she needs. I'm just scared that's all.
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

Fear is interesting feeling , as long as you can play with it . You see we may loose everything anyway . It is easy for me to say . I'm not in your place , but I learned to treat my fears indifferent , if not then fears will run your life for you even at the moment of death , one day.